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SEMATECH, Inpria Partner to Tackle Key Challenges in EUV Lithography

Global consortium of chip manufacturers, SEMATECH has reported that Inpria, a specialist in chemical materials for superior performance oxide thin film deposition, has become a member of SEMATECH's Resist Materials and Development Center (RMDC) at the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE).

As part of SEMATECH's lithography program, SEMATECH and Inpria will partner on key resist challenges in extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. Inpria's inorganic resists demonstrate very high etch resistance and have solved 11 nm line/space features. In this partnership, SEMATECH and Inpria will use these high-resolution resists for the qualification of 0.5 NA EUV imaging optics at the core of the ongoing major upgrades to advance resist research for £ 11 nm half-pitch in RMDC. Inpria will also improve its resist materials' photosensitivity to fulfill productivity needs for upcoming production applications.

The partnership between SEMATECH and Inpria will be built on Inpria's advanced semiconductor patterning materials and processes and SEMATECH's reputed market leadership, semiconductor experience, and far-reaching network of research expertise and hardware. RMDC will offer access to numerous metrology tools and two micro-exposure tools installed at CNSE and the University of California, Berkeley.

According to Andrew Grenville, Chief Executive Officer at Inpria, the company can leverage this collaboration to accelerate the development of EUV lithography materials. This partnership is another testament to the company's commitment to address major lithography issues encountered by the semiconductor industry.

SEMATECH's Director of Lithography, Stefan Wurm stated that this collaboration will reinforce RMDC's ability to tackle key resist challenges in advanced materials and rapidly find suitable solutions for these common technology challenges.


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