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New Report Discusses Properties, Applications and Market Potential of Nano Silver

Research and Markets has included a new research report titled ‘Global Market for Nano Silver’ to its database.

Nano silver is a promising nanomaterial that finds use in a broad range of industries and can be produced cost effectively, making it a material of the future. However, nano silver is not yet used up to its full potential as majority of the manufacturers unaware about the novel material. This new report is useful for global manufacturers operating in industries, which include sensors, consumer electronics, solar cells, detergents, textiles, food packaging, and pharmaceuticals, in order to understand the properties, features, advantages, and applications of this advanced material.

Nano Silver demonstrates conductive and antibacterial properties. The material’s antimicrobial characteristic enables its use in food packaging, plastics and healthcare applications, while its conductive natures allows it to be used in touch screen, conductor and electronics applications. Nevertheless, the nanomaterial’s role as antibacterial agents accounts for a majority share of 80%. The promising application field where research is going on is predominantly in the pharmaceutical field and a few in the field of conductive applications.

At present, the estimated nano silver consumption across the world is 800 MT, of which the largest consumer in terms of volume is North America and next is Europe. Nevertheless, 60% of the global production comes from Asia, particularly from Korea and China. Nano silver is provided in liquid solution and solid powder forms. Major techniques used for the production of nano silver are hot plasma jet system and control detonation system. Nano silver’s quality and price relies on the particle synthesis method utilized.


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