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New Report on Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Electronics Applications

Research and Markets has included a new market research report titled ‘Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene for Electronics Applications 2012-2022’ from IDTechEx to its database.

Graphene, carbon nanotubes and their compounds demonstrate remarkable electrical properties, thus showing great promise in electrical and electronic applications, including energy conversion devices, smart textiles, conductors, displays, semiconductor devices, sensors and photovoltaics.

Printable graphene and carbon nanotube-based inks are started available in the market. Nevertheless, carbon nanotubes are not yet able to fulfill their commercial potential. Graphene shows promise in applications, including flexible electronics, photovoltaics, displays and computers.

The usage of graphene and its compounds to fabricate transistors is ever increasing as the device demonstrates superior performance. Carbon nanotubes are utilized as conductive layers for touch screen applications and used for producing transistors. The price of carbon nanotubes has been reducing, thanks to the increase in production capacity of chemical companies.

The report predicts the availability of graphene and carbon nanotube-based transistors other devices in commercial scale from 2016. These nanomaterials hold potential in printed and potentially printed electronics market wherein the value of these electronics that partially integrate these nanomaterial is expected to reach more than $63 billion in 2022.

The comprehensive book discusses the recent research activities carried out by more than 100 organizations across the world and the latest advancements implementing the technologies. It provides data pertaining to problems, opportunities and latest developments in material manufacturing and applications.

Device fabrication, material purity and the requirement for other materials such as dielectrics are the major challenges to graphene and carbon nanotubes. However, the potential is huge, considering their printability, transparency, flexibility and superior performance.


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