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Analog Devices’ MEMS Accelerometer Accurately Measures Concussive Forces and High-Impact Events

Analog Devices has unveiled a new analog 3-axis, high-g MEMS accelerometer called the ADXL377, which is the first commercially available accelerometer of its kind in the industry.

ADI's ADXL377 MEMS accelerometer accurately measures concussive forces in contact sports and high impact events in industrial equipment. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The ADXL377 is capable of measuring acceleration caused by shock and vibration in ±200 g full-scale range without signal saturation. The combination of this measurement range and an analog output that records impact data continuously makes the ADXL377 a suitable sensor to detect concussive forces in contact sports, in which indictors of traumatic brain injury can be discovered by detecting the concussive forces.

The ADXL377 has 1600 Hz bandwidth, which makes it suitable for applications in industrial equipment that requires close monitoring of shock levels. The 3-axis accelerometer has a simpler design as it does not require the arrangement and positioning of orthogonal sensors. It also reduces the amount of board space required by up to five folds for a typical solution involving multiple, single-axis accelerometers.

The ADXL377 is being adapted into the driver impact safety system for IZOD 2012 INDYCAR Series. INDYCAR involved in the product definition phase of the 3-axis, high-g MEMS accelerometer. The resulting product will enable INDYCAR to advance the sensors placed in its communications earpieces, which measure impacts encountered by drivers due to collisions during races, time trails and practices, said Jeff Horton, INDYCAR’s Director of Engineering.

Analog Devices’ Vice President and General Manager of MEMS/Sensors group, Mark Martin stated that the company helps customers develop compact, high-precision yet simpler impact systems to address the raising concern over TBI.


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