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Cambridge NanoTech and Ghent University to Commercialize ALD Particle Coating Technology

Developer of atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems, Cambridge NanoTech, has entered into a licensing agreement with Ghent University for the commercialization of its ALD particle coating technology labeled the Cyrus system.

The new technology would augment Cambridge Nanotech’s existing portfolio of ALD systems and would address the coating requirements of powders, particles and plasma and non-plasma based 3-D objects.

Ghent University Professor, Christophe Detavernier, emphasized on the emergence of applications that necessitate uniform and ultra-thin layers of nanocoating for powders and particles. He stated that ALD has been demonstrated as a reliable technique for such deposition of nanocoating on powders.

Ganesh Sundaram, Technology Vice President at Cambridge NanoTech, commented on the ability of the Cyprus Particle Coating system to employ both plasma and thermal ALD in a single framework and the advantages it offers to users in the form of reduced process temperature, enhanced rate of nucleation and improved film quality which is characteristic of plasma-enabled ALD techniques.

The official announcement of the alliance was made at the 12th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2012) at Dresden in Germany in the third week of June. The University of Ghent presented their work involving the rotary reactor architecture employed in the ALD system. This architecture simplifies the deposition process for optimal uniform coatings as opposed to the conventional, complex fluidized processes. Scientists from Cambridge NanoTech presented their research and development work on in-situ QCM and spectroscopic ellipsometry, self Assembled Monolayers and spatial ALD.


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