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MEMC Launches Semiconductor Wafer to Facilitate High Throughput of Multigate Devices

MEMC Electronic Materials, the semiconductor and solar technology provider, has unveiled a new and advanced silicon wafer to enable the manufacture of junction-isolated FinFETs. Dubbed as MEMC FOX-Si, the new device is cost effective and addresses the challenges in manufacturing of FinFETs.

Transistors smaller than 32 nm are designed by employing the FinFET or fin-based Multigate approach where thin silicon film in the form of a fin is wrapped around the conducting channel. The difficulty in junction isolation and ability to control fin dimensions are some of the important challenges that affect the scalability of FinFE- based device fabrication, particularly devices high on cost and power such as system-on-a-chip devices.

MEMC FOX-Si with its oxide dielectric isolation (FOX) facilitates reduction in variability by allowing the fin height to be controlled for delivering a steady channel width. MEMC is able to offer the MEMC FOX-Si at affordable price owing to the deployment of the company’s existing expertise in Silicon-On-Insulator Technology and also by virtue of vertical channel integration. The MEMC FOX-Si production technique is scalable. The company’s customization process facilitates the production of tailored products as per customer requirements. The company’s latest addition is expected to serve the dual benefit of cost and improved manufacturability of below-22 nm technology.

For more than five decades, MEMC has been dealing in the design and development of silicon wafer technologies. With manufacturing and research and development facilities in the U.S., Asia, and Europe, The company delivers advanced and highly efficient solar cells and semiconductor devices.


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