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New Report Sheds Light on Information Processing at Nanoscale

Research and Markets has included a new report titled ‘Infochemistry: Information Processing at the Nanoscale’ to its catalogue.

John Wiley and Sons’ new report describes a new science field, and discusses the devices, systems and processes at the interface between information sciences and chemistry in detail. The book is dedicated to the use of nanostructures and molecular species to sophisticated information processing.

The twelve-chapter report covers the design and production of suitable nanostructures and materials, their properties and applications of nanostructures and molecular species for information processing and storage purposes. The first three chapters of the report discuss the fundamental concepts, improvements and limitations of digital information processing. They also cover some alternative concepts for potential technologies.

Chapter four covers conventional low-dimensional metals and semiconductors, while chapter five describes carbon nanostructures. Further chapters analyze photoelectrochemical photocurrent switching and associated phenomena as well as self-assembly and self-organization. Chapters eight, nine and ten cover molecular level information processing, while chapter eleven discusses information processing in natural systems. The report concludes with an analysis of the future opportunities for the field.

Since conventional electronic device development is reaching its limit, information processing at molecular scale is the key to address the rising requirement for high computational power. Chemical systems are characterized based on their role as potential information technology components and not based on their chemical nature. The report discusses the use of nanostructures and molecular species as molecular scale memories, switches, logic gates and complex computing devices. Konrad Szacilowski is the author of the report.


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