Veeco’s SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System Qualified for Mass Production of Optical Filters

Ocean Thin Films, a precision optical coating provider, has qualified the SPECTOR-HT ion beam deposition system from Veeco Instruments, a process equipment solution provider for the production of wireless chips, MEMS, hard drives, power electronics, LEDs, and optoelectronics, for mass production of optical filters for lighting, aerospace, display, defense and biophotonics applications.

The SPECTOR platform has been a proven optical coating platform for more than a decade with a shipment of over 200 systems across the globe. When compared to earlier SPECTOR solutions, the SPECTOR-HT ion beam deposition system demonstrates as high as 400% improvement in system throughput by increasing lot sizes and improving deposition rates, and as high as 300% increase in the utilization of target material for lower cost of ownership, reduced maintenance and 50% better material uniformity.

Veeco Instruments’ Executive Vice President for Ion Beam Equipment, Robert P. Oates stated that the company is happy about the selection of the SPECTOR-HT ion beam deposition system by Ocean Thin Films for its production facility. The system demonstrates unprecedented productivity levels by delivering the highest output for precision optical thin films.

Ocean Thin Films’ Vice President of Business Development, Randel Mercer stated that Veeco Instruments’ SPECTOR-HT ion beam deposition system enables Ocean Thin Films to rapidly supply superior-quality optical filters to the marketplace by realizing ion beam quality films at better deposition rates. The company believes that SPECTOR-HT ion beam deposition system will offer a unique production advantage over other coating platforms.


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