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Industrial Nanotech Introduces New Nanocoating for Wooden Decks and Railings

Industrial Nanotech, the company leveraging nanotechnology to offer sustainable and energy conserving solutions, has added a new product labeled Nansulate Deck to its patented Nansulate product line.

Nansulate Deck

The Nansulate Deck is a clear coating that protects and cools wooden decks and railings. The Nansulate product line comprises specialty coatings with nanomaterials incorporated and are characterized by performance features such as moisture protection, thermal insulation, fire resistance, mold resistance, corrosion inhibition and chemical resistance. The Nansulate Deck is also incorporated with a host of these features and serves to keep deck surfaces cool and protect the wood from weathering, ultra-violet radiation, moisture and mold.

Francesca Crolley, Vice President of Business Development at Industrial Nanotech, stated that the product was developed as a consequence of customer demand. The company’s home and roof insulation products customers had expressed the need for a deck coating to keep the deck surfaces cool during summer as well as offer protection against moisture, mold and weathering. With customers preferring sustainable technology, the environment-friendly and biocide-free coating offered by Industrial Nanotech is a suitable solution for extending the life of decks and railings. The R&D team at Industrial Nanotech adapted the industrial technology employed in harsh factory environments to suit this particular requirement.

Nansulate is part of the award winning, specialty coatings comprising a material based on nanotechnology. Specialty coatings have been proven to deliver the performance qualities of corrosion prevention, thermal insulation, resistance to mold growth, chemical resistance, fire resistance, and lead encapsulation in a safe, water-based, coating formulation.


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