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New Report Analyzes Production Volumes, Revenues and End User Market Demand for Nanomaterials

Research and Markets has included a new research report titled ‘Nanomaterials Production 2002-2016: Production Volumes, Revenues and End User Market Demand’ to its catalogue.

Nanomaterials are being utilized in a wide variety of technologies and industries, thanks to their remarkable electronic, catalytic, optic and magnetic properties. These properties largely rely on the size, shape and structure of nanomaterials. This report provides data pertaining to the amount of nanomaterials produced.

Future Markets conservatively predicts that the global nanomaterials production in 2010 was 21,713 tons, which is ten times higher than the production volume in 2002. Optimistic value predicted for 2010 is 31,574 tons. According to the report, the conservative value of the market is $2.64 billion. The report has also estimated the optimistic market value.

In 2016, the production volume is conservatively predicted to be more than doubled to 44,267 tons due to increasing demand in applications such as catalysts, coatings, chemicals, medicine, energy and electronics. The report provides comprehensive quantitative data and outlook for the worldwide market for nanomaterials for the period between 2002 and 2016. It also covers qualitative insights and perspectives of key executives on the current and future trends in end user markets. It features more than 150 tables and figures describing market size and end user demand.

Nanomaterials described in the report include quantum dots, nanosilver, nanofibers, nanoclays, graphene, fullerenes and POSS, carbon nanotubes and metal oxide nanopowders. The report has profiled more than 400 nanocomposites application developers, covering data such as technology descriptions, contact details, revenues and end user markets for their products.


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