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Major Semiconductor Supplier Procures Multiple Bruker ContourGT-X 3D Optical Microscopes

Bruker has reported that a major semiconductor supplier has procured multiple Bruker ContourGT-X 3D optical microscopes for its packaging facilities located in North America and Asia to aid copper wire bond inspection and process control requirements.

ContourGT-X8 3D optical microscope system

The combination of production-level speed, user friendliness and custom production interface of the ContourGT-X reduces production expenses and resolves key issues that have significant impact on the semiconductor industry as it shifts from high-cost gold-based processes to copper-based processes.

Bruker Nano Surfaces division’s President, Mark R. Munch stated that copper has more hardness and more brittleness when compared to gold, thus it is essential to accurately monitor the exact amount of force to be applied to the bond that connects the die to the package lead-frame or substrate. This multiple-system order demonstrates that the combination of robust data analysis, user friendliness and automated run-time metrology is being considered as an ideal solution to save material, process and labor expenses in copper wire bond qualifications.

Rob Loiterman, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Bruker’s Stylus and Optical Metrology business, stated that besides having the inherent 3D optical metrology benefits, the ContourGT-X has several other features to facilitate wire bonding applications. For instance, it is possible for a line engineer to make specific recipes that are automatically connected through lot/inspection ID, material ID, or operator ID. These software controls enable precise identification and flagging of bad and good products in real time, thus allowing customers to ensure the consistency of their products in addition to getting the low-cost advantage of copper.


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