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Hy-Power Nano Introduces its First Nanotechnology-Based Product

Hy-Power Nano, the subsidiary of South Ontario-based Hy-Power Coatings, engaged in developing nanocoating products characterized by thermal insulation and a solar blocking capability has introduced its first product labeled the Hy-Power Clear Liquid Solar Blocker.

The launch of the solar blocker represents a significant milestone in the company’s endeavors towards the development of nanotechnology-based coating products. The product was demonstrated in Mississauga at the International Conference Centre to a group of customers. The product is the output of two-and-a-half years of labor initiated after Hy-Power Nano President and CEO, Joseph Grzyb, envisaged the potential of leveraging their 46 years of expertise in industrial coating in combination with nanotechnology.

Joseph Grzyb stated that their Liquid Solar Blocker can counter the damaging effects of UV radiation and high energy costs associated with infrared radiation (IR) because it is capable of blocking 99% of incident UV radiation and 40% of incident IR when coated on glass. The coating cannot be seen on application as it is a clear liquid. The coating can be applied on numerous glass surfaces of varied geometry. The applications for glasses coated with the Liquid Solar Blocker are numerous. For example, skylights coated with the solar blocker facilitate people to be seated in natural light sans negative effects. Retailers can display their products in windows for customers to obtain a clear view of the products from outside without having to worry about the products fading from the ill effects of harsh sunlight.

According to Joseph Grzyb, customers and investors who were present at the product demonstration have evinced interest in employing the product on their properties and to partner with Hy-Power Nano.


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