New Report Analyzes Worldwide Markets and Technologies for Carbon Nanotubes has announced the addition of a new research report titled ‘Global Markets and Technologies for Carbon Nanotubes’ to its offering.

According to the report, carbon nanotubes are the most robust material witnessing rapid growth among the various types of newly produced nanomaterials. The world has seen a tremendous growth in the research, technological understanding and development of carbon nanotubes in the last five years. Institutes, start-ups, small businesses and large corporations are constantly exploring the potential commercial applications for this nanomaterial, thus significantly expanding its product application profile.

Several new carbon nanotube manufacturers have entered the carbon nanotube market, reflecting the increase in interest and growth of the nanomaterial. These producers can offer the nanomaterial in commercial-scale quantities such as kilograms, tons, and even hundreds of tons, based on the specific grade at a competitive price. Moreover, several years of incubation have resulted in the establishment of more number of university spin-offs and nanotechnology companies focusing on specific application markets.

The carbon nanotube market is also witnessing the entry of more number of established and larger corporations that identify the market potential of the nanomaterial. Another evidence of growth is the remarkable increase in patent activity over the last five years. The count of issued US patents associated with carbon nanotubes in 2010 was 1,585, representing a 54% increase when compared to the previous year value. Although the increase was a moderate 7.7% in 2011, the count was a yearly output record of 1,707. The situation for patent pending is even more remarkable, with a cumulative backlog of 16,775 between 2001 and 2011.


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