Successful Commercial Metallization of Optical Images Using Nanotechnology

Nanotech Security (NTS) reports successful commercial metallization of optical images using nanotechnology. The company produces advanced authentication and security features utilizing nanotechnology-based optics.

An independent third party was able to emboss optical images of 1500 ft length on a metalized roll of 10 in. size. This achievement demonstrated the feasibility of incorporating Nanotech Security’s sophisticated optical technology into normal production processes for the security industry.

The third party had earlier performed a commercial scale run using a clear polymer. Traditional roll-to-roll printing technology was utilized for producing the optical roll. Aluminum was rapidly evaporated for metallization of the roll to achieve a thin film surface with highly reflective properties. The metallization leads to an image and security feature that is crisp, vibrant and have high definition properties. The original set of master shims were designed and produced by NTS and then provided to the third party for conducting the commercial scale trial.

Nanotech has developed the advanced authentication feature called as NOtES, which has the ability to replicate nano-scale structures. These structures resemble the structures that are seen on the iridescent blue Morpho Butterfly’s wings.

The CEO and Chairman of Nanotech, Doug Blakeway, commented that the company was happy with the results obtained from the third party test, which proved the scalability and strength of the novel technology.

In the test run, more than 250,000 plasmograms, which are individual, iridescent optical images, were created. These plasmograms are visible from a distance of a couple of meters. The test demonstrates that the NOtES feature can be realized through standard manufacturing methods.


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