Magnolia Solar Presents Paper on Nanostructured Transparent Conductive Oxides for PV Applications

Magnolia Solar Corporation ("Magnolia Solar"), developer of revolutionary thin-film solar cell technologies employing nanostructured materials and designs, announced that Dr. Roger E. Welser, the Chief Technology Officer of its wholly owned subsidiary, Magnolia Solar, Inc., presented a paper at the 2012 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston, MA titled "Nanostructured Transparent Conductive Oxides for Photovoltaic Applications," as part of a special session on Photovoltaic Technologies.

In addition, Dr. Welser will also be a Session Chair for the Session titled "New Concepts, Materials and Technologies for Future Photovoltaics" to be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

Dr. Welser's presentation discussed the use of advanced optical coatings of nanostructured transparent conductive oxide materials that can enhance photovoltaic device performance by minimizing reflection losses and increasing the optical path length within thin-film solar cells. He also discussed the use of nanostructured indium tin oxide (ITO) materials in antireflection structures with a step-graded refractive index design. Such conductive, high-performance optical structures on the front and back surfaces of a thin-film solar cell can potentially increase both the current and voltage output by scattering unabsorbed and emitted photons back into the active region of the device.

Photovoltaic devices can provide a mobile source of electrical power for a variety of defense and commercial applications in both space and terrestrial environments. Many of these mobile power applications can directly benefit from enhancements in the efficiency of the photovoltaic devices. Dr. Ashok K. Sood, President and CEO of Magnolia Solar Corporation, stated, "Dr. Welser's presentation is a part of the steps we are working on to improve the performance of flexible, thin-film solar cells by employing novel, nanostructured materials, filing patents to protect our intellectual property, and continuing to make progress in further improving our optical coating technologies. These coatings, in combination with other innovative device designs, have the potential to enable flexible photovoltaic devices to reach new levels of performance for power output efficiency and it is important that we share these findings with the industry."

The Materials Research Society (MRS) is an organization of materials researchers from academia, industry, and government that promotes communication for the advancement of interdisciplinary materials research to improve the quality of life. Founded in 1973, MRS consists of over 16,000 members from the United States -- as well as nearly 70 other countries.


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