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Calmar Introduces Carmel Family of All Fiber-Based Femtosecond Lasers

Calmar Laser, a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge, fiber based picosecond and femtosecond lasers, today introduced the new Carmel family of all fiber-based femtosecond lasers, which at 780nm, 500mW of power, 10 nJ of pulse energy, and less than 100fs pulse widths, are ideally suited for multiphoton microscopy, biophotonics applications, materials characterization, optical metrology, and terahertz radiation. Calmar has filed for several patents covering this breakthrough technology allowing shorter pulse widths at higher powers.

Carmel Fiber Based Femtosecond Laser. (PRNewsFoto/Calmar Laser)

With their intrinsic reliability, ease of use, and compact design, fiber lasers have enjoyed explosive growth over the past several years and gained significant market share in all sectors of the laser industry. Calmar is leading the adoption of ultrafast fiber laser technology.

The Carmel CFL-05RFF0's ultra-compact head (about 100X smaller than a traditional Ti:Sa laser), push button start, air cooled operation, and fiber delivery allow it to be easily integrated into existing microscopes and optical setups, with the entire assembly easily wheeled into a laboratory or operating room.

The Carmel has a Gaussian beam profile, typically with an M2<1.1. Excellent pulse-to-pulse stability (<1% rms) combined with a clean spectrum and clean pulses over a wide operating temperature range (17-32 oC) provides superior results for both microscopy imaging and tissue ablation in biomedical applications.

Since 1996, Calmar has been a technological leader in the design and manufacture of all-fiber ultrafast lasers the ophthalmology, microelectronics, solar, telecom, and scientific research markets. Fiber lasers offer the advantages of long life semiconductor diode combined with the efficiency, reliability, performance and low cost of optical fiber amplification. These key advantages have created a significant momentum to adopt fiber laser technology (versus legacy laser technologies) for a wide range of research and industrial applications.

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