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Purest Colloids Introduces Anti-Fungal Spray with More Ionic Silver

Purest Colloids, Inc., manufacturers of the popular MesoSilver brand colloidal silver, MesoGold brand colloidal gold and other "Meso" brand metal colloid products is proud to introduce an upgrade to their existing MesoSilver Anti-Fungal spray.

Previously, that product was available at a concentration of 20 ppm. The concentration on this product has been increased to 30 ppm (a 50% increase) with no cost increase. This is a huge step up in value for Purest Colloids' customers.

Purest Colloids has slowly been increasing the concentration in the MesoSilver Anti-Fungal spray over the last year. Now with reliable production over 30 ppm, the announcement is formal and the minimum label claims will be revised to 30 ppm. This product is a custom mix of the normal MesoSilver product. This includes a higher concentration (30 ppm) and a higher ionic silver percentage (approximately 40%), because it is not for human ingestion. A higher ionic silver percentage would not be appropriate if the product were for ingestion. The new Anti-Fungal spray is now available on and for widespread sale.

Even though this product is not a dietary supplement, as most of Purest Colloids' products are, the anti-fungal spray is produced in the same cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) environment, with the same raw materials, and utilizing the same SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) as our Dietary Supplements.

MesoSilver is proven in laboratory tests (at an even lower concentration of 20 ppm) to kill a variety of fungal and bacterial pathogens, and the MesoSilver Anti-Fungal spray is a product for use on hard surfaces, towels, socks, inside shoes, etcetera.

Purest Colloids' premiere MesoSilver product has the smallest particle size (< 1 nm) and highest particle surface area (PSA) of any colloidal silver product ever tested. PSA is critical as it determines effectiveness.


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