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iShieldz Infuses Medical Grade Nano Particles in Antimicrobial Film

eShields LLC, maker of the iShieldz® brand of Screen Protection products, is pleased to announce new exclusive distribution partnerships with MS Holding Company K.S.C. based in Kuwait, and Fox Inc. of Japan. Combined, these partnerships will bring the iShieldz® brand to over 8,000 new retail locations worldwide.

“This has been an incredible time of growth for the company,” said Andrew Mason, Founder and CEO of eShields. “The timing of forming these exclusive distribution partnerships is impeccable, coinciding with the launch of our new Antimicrobial Screen Protection material.”

The iShieldz® AM™ Antimicrobial Film is a breakthrough in material science combining the unrivaled strength and clarity of the iShieldz screen protection film with independently lab-verified Antimicrobial protection for today's mobile and touch screen devices. Recent studies have proven cell phone touch screens are a breeding ground for dangerous microbes such as Staphylococcus, Influenza and E. Coli. The iShieldz® AM™ Antimicrobial Film will not only protect your cell phone from damage and scratches, but will also kill dangerous microbes by utilizing a revolutionary technology, infusing medical grade nano particles directly into the surface of this new material. With full EPA and FDA approval and carrying a stamp of approval for use in hospital emergency and operating rooms, the iShieldz® AM™ Antimicrobial Film is the first of its kind.

“The demand for a proven effective, antimicrobial screen protection product is extremely high throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East,” said Mr. Mason. “We are pleased to have opened these new markets through our partnerships with Fox Inc and MS Holding Co., and we look forward to a prosperous future.”

eShields LLC was established in 2005 and became well known in the cell phone accessories industry when it was one of the first to market and patent a polyurethane screen protection system for the original generation Apple iPhone. Since that time, eShields has expanded sales internationally with major accounts in Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and South America. The company now has channels in the Consumer Retail, Automotive, Medical, Military and Educational fields.

MS Holding Company K.S.C. is a leading Distributor of cell phone accessories and hand-held electronics throughout Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Fox Inc., makers of the Caseplay brand of cellular accessories, is a well established distribution company based in Tokyo, Japan with a focus on bringing high quality, unique products to their retail partners throughout Southeast Asia.


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