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Resinas BYR Becomes Authorized Manufacturer for Nano Labs’ Nano Paint

Nano Labs Corp. is pleased to announce today the Company has signed an Agreement with Barnices y Resinas SA de CV ("Resinas BYR") for the manufacturing and distribution of the Company's NC2012, a proprietary nano thermal insulation paint coating.

Resinas BYR is now an Authorized Manufacturer for the nano paint and coatings and will provide manufacturing, labelling / packaging, and order fulfillment on behalf of Nano Labs. BYR is located in Mexico City and is a ISO certified manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 394,000 gallons per month.

Both Companies cordially invite all interested parties to contact [email protected] for samples and sales inquiries.

Mr. Bernardo Chavarria, President of Nano Labs states, "We welcome all inquires internationally, particularly from paint suppliers, distributors and service providers for customers in hotter climates, where they do not have access to energy for air conditioning and can use our nano paint on rooftops and exterior walls to dramatically decrease indoor temperatures. Our nano coating isolates temperatures outside of houses and buildings, providing pleasant indoor temperatures. Our studies show the potential to reduce air-conditioning related costs by as much as 50%, and we are confident this will present a strong commercial driver for testing and acceptance of our paint in the global markets. Obviously we are very excited about our future prospects a milestone for our Company as we enter the market with our unique product which we expect to generate revenues in Q2 2013."

About Nano Labs' NC2012 Nano Paint

NC2012 is an insulating paint coating nanotechnology highlighted by its very low thermal conductivity. NC2012 reduces transmission of temperatures through the coated elements. It has a coefficient of thermal conductivity of K = 0,059 BTU / HR., which ensures coverage of a temperature spread of up to 18 * Celsius, depending on the material to which the coating is applied. Even under the most extreme sunlight conditions, the coating can create a comfortable living environment.

NC2012 benefits include:

  • Fire retardant, providing fire and heat protection at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Celsius
  • Waterproof protectant
  • Protects from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IR)
  • Protects from acid rain
  • Prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria
  • Auto-wash properties with rain, keeping a shimmering white color
  • Non-flammable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces corrosion and oxidation
  • Can be applied on almost any surface

Further to the Company's press release of February 1, 2103, Nano Labs' retains all intellectual property pending patents, registered designs, logos, trademarks, general information, data, concepts, ideas, methods, processes, techniques, formulas, know-how, experiences, trade secrets and improvements relating to research, development and manufacturing activities which are devised, developed or acquired by Nano Labs' and disclosed to Resinas BYR. The Agreement has a definite term of five (5) years at which time the Agreement will terminate unless extended in writing by both parties.


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