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Moglia Advisors to Sell NanoInk Inc. Intellectual Property and Assets

Moglia Advisors announces an extraordinary acquisition opportunity for an  acquisition of equipment and intellectual property in the areas of nano scale brand protection, with FDA approval having been obtained as a “CBE 30” for certain pharmaceutical applications, the life sciences and advanced materials production, as well as education, electronics and engineering processes.

This is an unprecedented opportunity to acquire the cutting edge proprietary patents, licenses and related hardware and inventory, in various lots or as a whole, of NanoInk, Inc. Moglia Advisors serves as sales advisors to Bankruptcy Trustee Deborah K. Ebner.

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the case, it is unlikely that any similar collection of equipment and intellectual property will come to market in the foreseeable future, making this sale truly one of a kind.

Formerly headquartered in the north suburbs of Chicago, NanoInk holds nearly 400 patents and applications filed worldwide and licensing agreements with Northwestern University, Stanford University, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Liverpool, California Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The company ceased operations in February of 2013 after its funding sources, who had invested over $150 million in the company, decided to pursue other investment opportunities.

The NanoGuardian assets consist of patents, equipment and inventory related to techniques useful for individually encrypting products with nanoscale features to ensure authenticity and origin, particularly applicable in the pharmaceuticals arena.

The Photomask assets consist of patents covering different dip-pen nanolithography regimes useful in the repair of nanoscale defects in photomasks and other semiconductor/IC devices and materials.

The DPN assets consist of patents, licenses, equipment and inventory useful in the direct deposition of compounds at the nanoscale, using scanning probe microscope tips.  These have potential application in the fields of fundamental nanolithography, bioarrays and bioapplications, advanced materials and nanoscale instrumentation and fabrication.

This group also includes the instruments, curriculum and support materials for the company’s NanoProfessor education program.

These asset groups may be acquired individually or as a whole.

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