New Book - Nanofillers in Nanocomposites: From Introduction to Application

Smithers Rapra Publishing has announced the release of Update on Nanofillers in Nanocomposites: From Introduction to Application.

Polymer nanocomposites continue to receive widespread acclaim for their potential to improve composite materials beyond the use of conventional macroscale fillers. Nanofillers in nanocomposites are used in a broad range of applications because their ease of processing, low price and a combination of advantageous properties. In the last decade, nanofiller particles have prompted much attention and become a developing field in nanocomposites.

The main objective of this book is to show how a particle size at the nano scale offers a large surface area and good dispersion behaviour. Detailed information is provided to show that the use of nanofillers is very promising for improving the physical properties more effectively than conventional types of fillers. This book provides up-to-date information on recent advances in various aspects of modern composites reinforced by nanofillers, including their fabrication and engineering properties. The change in such properties can be related to the subsequent conformational changes, but there is controversy about the conformational behaviour of polymer chains when perturbed by nanoparticles.

To accomplish these tasks, this book focuses on the behaviour of nanoparticles in both morphology control and reinforcement.

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