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NanoKTN Announces One Day Workshop on Materials Modeling

The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN), one of the UK’s primary knowledge-based networks for Micro and Nanotechnologies, is pleased to announce a one day workshop, run jointly by The NanoKTN, Thomas Young Centre and The Chemistry Innovation KTN, entitled Adding Value to your Business through Materials Modelling.

The workshop will provide attendees from industry with the current state of the art in theory and simulation of materials together with opportunities to discuss with experts from the Thomas Young Centre specific ways in which modelling could be used in their organisation to deliver real value. It will also provide members of the Thomas Young Centre with the opportunity to build new collaborations with industry leaders to work on challenging and interesting user-inspired problems.

The Thomas Young Centre (TYC) in London is a world leading expertise hub for predictive modelling. The Centre is an interdisciplinary community of London research groups across Imperial College, King’s College, Queen Mary, and UCL working to address challenges of society and industry through materials modelling and the theory and simulation of materials.

This event will provide an overview of the range of modelling capabilities on offer together with case studies from leading companies on how modelling has added value to their business. This will be followed by a presentation on funding opportunities that can support projects focussed on modelling.

Recent years have seen huge advances in the accuracy, realism, and predictive capabilities of tools for the theory and simulation of materials. Predictive modelling has now become a powerful tool which can deliver real value through application and innovation to the nano, chemical and process industries. It now forms an essential part of the research and development effort of many of the world’s leading organisations and can be incredibly valuable for businesses of all sizes. Simulation methods can be routinely used across industry to accelerate product development, increase efficiency, and provide fundamental understanding.

Presentations will be delivered by industry and academia working in the modelling area including The Thomas Young Centre, BP Chemicals, University College London, Imperial College London, Goldbeck Consulting, Johnson Matthey, Materials Design and the Technology Strategy Board.

Barry Park, Theme Manager at the NanoKTN comments, “Used in combination with good analysis and experimentation, modelling can drive progress, saving time, effort and resource. The results are tangible, available quickly and project relevant and modelling can be used to solve real issues and problems and push cutting edge research. The timing of our workshop coincides with the significant growth of modelling capabilities and ready access to High Performance Computing and we are delighted to be working with the Thomas Young Centre to show delegates how modelling could be used in their organisation to deliver real value and impact.”

There will also be a session where time will be available for delegates to present a specific problem or project proposal confidentially to the appropriate member(s) of the Thomas Young Centre in order to receive advice. Proposals for discussion should be sent to Dr Barry Park at [email protected] and one of the Thomas Young Centre experts will be identified to spend time with on a one-to-one basis during the breakout session.

For further information about the workshop event, please visit: at or email [email protected].

Established by the Technology Strategy Board, the NanoKTN is managed by Centre for Process Innovation Ltd, a leading technology development and consulting company.


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