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Biozoom Willing to Discuss IP Licensing and Other Models of Partnership

Biozoom, developer of the world's first portable, handheld device for real-time spectroscopic analysis of biomarkers in the human body, is willing to discuss intellectual property (IP) licensing and other models of partnership. "We believe in innovation and would like to help foster it in companies that share our values," said Hardy Hoheisel, Biozoom's CEO.

Developing new applications for handheld and nano-scale spectroscopy will remain the company's core business. Licensing Biozoom's intellectual property to other innovative companies would be an additional revenue stream for Biozoom.

The patent-supported technology underlying the Biozoom scanner has been tested in clinical trials at respected institutions in Germany. Biozoom's portfolio of patented and patent-pending advancements span areas as diverse as optics, temperature drift, nanofiltration, data base management, spectroscopy and more.

Biozoom's optical work alone has a myriad of potential applications outside of the company's strategic core health and wellness applications. For example, Biozoom's miniaturization of the Fabry-Perot Filtration could also be widely useful to improve future businesses. Where digital cameras use three filters to capture images, Biozoom's nanofiltration allows 256 filters to capture fine detail in a 1 mm by 1 mm area. Miniaturization allows for this technology to be embedded into systems and products where imaging data might prove useful but is otherwise unavailable. "The potential of this technology is greater than one company can exploit fully," said Biozoom's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Wolfgang Kocher. "We hope that our intellectual property assets can be licensed to and utilized by other companies for a myriad of commercial uses outside of the health and wellness industries."

About Biozoom

Biozoom is an innovative technology development company, specializing in the commercialization of our advances in mobile spectroscopy. Our intellectual property portfolio and ongoing research are positioned to apply Biozoom's technology breakthroughs to a wide range of markets. Our first consumer product, the Biozoom scanner, gives people the feedback they need to manage their health, wellness and fitness on demand. Tested in leading health institutions, our scanner is the first of its kind—a handheld, transdermal device for measuring biomarkers, including antioxidant levels, at the click of a button. Scan results—and customized wellness coaching based on those biomarkers—are sent instantly to a smartphone or online account. The scanner will enable leaders in the health and wellness industry to create new levels of customer loyalty and revenues as a result.


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