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Gladiator Releases LandMark 50 MEMS IMU with Best-in-Class Gyro and Accelerometer Noise, Bias

Gladiator Technologies announced today release of their newest and highest performance IMU, the LandMark™ 50 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This new IMU builds upon the successful heritage of the company's low noise LandMarkTM IMU product families, including the LandMark™ 10, 20, 21, 22, 30 and 40.

The IMU is form, fit and function interchangeable with the LandMark™ 30 IMU, yet offers substantial improvement in performance with both lower noise and higher performance MEMS gyros and accelerometers.

All the LandMark™ IMU's share a common IMU messaging protocol for a "common cockpit" approach enabling users the option to choose the IMU performance, size, weight and price that best suits their application without having to rewrite any IMU interface software. This latest addition to our family of IMU's offers best-in-class gyro and accelerometer noise and bias while including the other feature-rich advantages of its predecessor IMU's. The LandMark™ 50 features robust environmental sealing for EMI protection as well as user selectable RS485 data rates up to 500Hz (4KHz internal sampling rate) enabling exceptional performance for a variety of size and weight constrained applications.

The LandMark™ 50 IMU has many advanced performance features including:

  • Low Gyro Noise 0.001°/sec/√Hz
  • Low Accel Noise 0.025mg/√Hz
  • In-Run Gyro Bias 1°/hour 1 σ
  • Fully Temperature Compensated Bias and Scale Factor
  • Misalignment 1mrad and g-Sensitivity <0.002°/sec/g 1σ
  • External Sync Input (1 kHz or 1pps)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range +6V to +36V
  • Bandwidth Filtering Capability
  • High MTBF
  • Export U.S. Commerce ECCN7A994
  • Link to datasheet, data & images

Gladiator's CEO, Mark Chamberlain, commented, "Gladiator Technologies offers one of the broadest and highest performance MEMS inertial product lines in the world. The new LandMark™ 50 stretches our performance levels to new heights and we are excited to be a leader in the high performance MEMS inertial market.” Chamberlain added, "Our strength in technology innovation continues and we will be announcing our latest INS/GPS system as well several new sensors and systems later this year."

Gladiator uses state-of-the-art design tools and manufacturing processes including fully automated environmental and temperature testing and proprietary calibration methods for environmental performance optimization. A comprehensive ERP system combined with lean manufacturing and six sigma techniques has enabled high volume production at low cost and high quality. Gladiator's quality system is certified to AS9100C/ISO9001:2008.


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