Pilus Energy Begins ‘Turning Dirt into Gold’ Crowd Funding Campaign

Tauriga Sciences, Inc., a diversified company focused on generating profitable revenues through license agreements and the development of a proprietary technology platform in the nanorobotics space, has today announced its acquisition target, Pilus Energy LLC ("Pilus Energy"), has commenced a crowd funding campaign ("campaign") on the website Indiegogo.com.

Through the campaign slogan, "Turning Dirt into Gold," Pilus Energy has presented its unique technology platform to the public and enabled the public to fund specific municipal projects.

The crowd funding campaign is completely separate from the financing activities previously disclosed by Tauriga. However the monies raised through this public crowd funding campaign can be used to build various Electrogenic Bioreactor ("EBR") prototypes for different projects.

The initial goal of this campaign is to raise from $50,000 USD from public contributions, by December 26, 2013, with the stretch goal of raising $150,000 USD.

Despite all of the media attention on preserving the global environment, there is still a huge problem that gets less attention than it deserves: the rapid build-up of waste-water, sewage, and sludge. The United Nations expects global population to rise to nearly 10 Billion by 2050.

Not only is our fresh water supply in jeopardy, but we also generate an astounding amount of harmful waste-water every year from municipal sewage, manure slurry from concentrated animal feedlot operations (CAFOs), stick water from animal rendering plants (Google at your own risk...), and Hydrogen Sulfide-rich beer brewing wastewater, among others. Around the globe, treatment systems struggle to keep pace and often operate based on the premise that "dilution is the solution." As a result, a massive amount of fresh water is "wasted" trying to deal with the dirty water.

Here at Pilus Energy, we have a better idea. Take what we now think of as "waste", and turn it into a renewable source of electricity, while also cleaning water, and producing valuable chemicals and gases. Our patented technology can tap into the estimated 1100 Terawatt hours of energy stored in waste molecules (enough to power about 275 million homes for a year, every year). We are able to extract this energy using a combination of synthetic biology, and fuel cell technology. We utilize our genetically enhanced Bacterial Robots (or BactoBots as we call them) to metabolize the contaminants in the water. So far we have two Bots. RemediBot (or Remi for short) is simply added to the water freely, whereas our GalvaniBot is housed in a fancy fuel cell called an electrogenic bioreactor (or EBR). There, Galvani is able to produce electricity, H2O, and valuable biogases and chemicals.

Source: http://taurigasciences.com/

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