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Europlasma to Present Nanocoating Systems for the Electronics Industry at CES 2014

Discover the machine behind the famous technology and its applications at the Europlasma booth 35266, in LVCC South Hall 4, January 7th till 10th

Belgium based Europlasma, a world leader in low pressure plasma technology, is happy to present at CES 2014 its nanocoating systems for the electronics industry under the Nanofics® brand name.

Nanofics® refers to nanoscaled functionalization into the core of complex shaped materials and products. It is Europlasma's patented and patent pending nanocoating technology platform, first applied on industrial scale in 1996.

There are five basic Nanofics® models to waterproof electronic devices - the Junior, the CD400, CD500, CD600, and the CD1000 - with plasma chamber volumes ranging from 50 to 500 liter.

The machines make use of a proprietary method to tune the plasma power, which enables a stable and effective plasma polymerization process. The machines also have a unique electrode design to maximize the uniformity of the deposition, and to minimize the batch-to-batch variability. These and other unique features of the Europlasma machines were developed during more than 20 years of intensive R&D and are patented and patent pending by Europlasma.

The Nanofics® machines are able to run with Nanofics 120®, Nanofics 110®, as well as other custom designed coating chemistries.

Europlasma's Sales and Product Manager Peter Martens comments: "The Nanofics® machines can be used to coat the printed circuit board (PCB), individual electronic components, electronic subassemblies, or the whole electronic device. If applied on the subassembly or device level the coatings have shown to give a very good protection against ingress from water or other liquids. If applied on the PCB or component level the coatings also demonstrate a very good protection against corrosion from water or more aggressive environments such as sweat or salt mist. Europlasma works with each individual customer to find the best coating solution for his product."

During the last two years there is a steep growth in demand for Nanofics® systems to waterproof electronic devices. As a result the Europlasma turnover has more than tripled from 3 to 10 mio EUR on annual basis, with a healthy EBITDA of 2,5 mio EUR. The systems are typically integrated in the manufacturing lines of electronic devices such as speakers, headsets or smartphones. It is estimated that in 2014 several tens of millions of such electronic devices will be coated with the Nanofics® technology platform.

Europlasma has also built an international network of retail partners, who license the Nanofics® technology from Europlasma to offer a nanocoating service to the end customer. Some of the best known retail partners are Hydrowarriors in China, Geckodry in South-Korea, Nanolix in Germany, Drisure in the UK, PhonesPlus in the USA …

Europlasma's Managing Director Filip Legein adds: "As the true pioneer in nanocoating technology, we are happy to see that more than 20 years of intensive R&D by Europlasma engineers has resulted in a reliable nanocoating technology platform, running on industrial scale of equipment, that is taking market leadership in a growing number of markets and applications, such as air filtration products, functional textiles, medical devices and electronic devices."

If you are interested to implement the Nanofics® technology in your manufacturing line, or if you want to join Europlasma's international network of retail partners, please visit the Europlasma booth 35266 in LVCC South Hall 4 at CES 2014, or contact Peter Martens at [email protected], or Kristof Hoornaert at [email protected].


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