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Contipro Introduce New Jets for Composite Nanomaterials

4SPIN device is to roll out new jets for the production of composite nanomaterials and core-shell nanofibres in Tokyo.

These jets can be used to prepare nanomaterial samples composed of nanofibres of several different substances, or even to create nanofibres using different materials for the interior and the case of the fibre.

“Composite materials have a great future in areas such as filtration and internal medicine. Consider, for example, new wound dressings made of composite nanofibres. The bandage’s carrier fibres are insoluble and their nanostructure ensures that no infectious bacteria penetrate the wound. The second type of nanofibre is gradually dissolved and releases wound-healing substances into the wound,” says Jiří Řebíček, a scientist from the nanofibre production device development laboratory, as he explains the benefits of composite fibres.

SEM composite nanofibres.

“In addition to three new types of jets for the preparation of composite nanofibres, we will also be introducing a new linear mutli needle-less jet with high spinnability and very high productivity in Tokyo. This new needleless electrospinning emitter is capable of scaling up nanofibrous material production.  

Another new emitter is our coaxial single jet, capable of producing hollow fibres and even processing core materials that will not form fibres via electrospinning on their own,” said Dr. Victor Stickel, the Managing Director of Insight InterAsia – the 4SPIN distributor on Asian markets – as he shed light on the new developments.

The Nanotech International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference is the world’s largest nanotechnology fair and an essential event for state-of-the-art manufacturing. The exhibition will be held on 29– 31 January 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily.


The 4SPIN laboratory apparatus excels with its ability to spin even difficult-to-process solutions, create nanomaterials from natural polymers and produce materials in which the nanofibre orientation is flawlessly unidirectional. The apparatus also excels in its safety features and centralised control of nanofibre production processes. These advantages have predestined the device to be a key instrument in the development of new hi-tech materials.

Contipro is an innovation-oriented manufacturer of active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Its core product is sodium hyaluronate. Nearly a hundred researchers work at its R&D laboratories, focusing on the main research areas of nanotechnology, wound healing, tissue engineering, drug delivery and anti-aging.

Insight interAsia is the leading technical sales, marketing, and business development company helping technology companies to sell their products and services throughout Asia and North America. Insight interAsia sells the products of its European and American principals in the technology areas of semiconductors, MEMS, nanotech, sensors, PV, cleantech, biopharma, energy, and the automotive industry. The company has technical sales and service staff throughout Asia and the US markets.


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