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Nikon’s NSR-S630D ArF Immersion Scanner Extends 193 nm Immersion Lithography

Nikon Corporation introduces the NSR-S630D ArF immersion scanner, delivering world-class performance and productivity for 10 nm manufacturing and beyond. The S630D builds on the advanced Streamlign platform to deliver ground-breaking solutions to extend 193 nm immersion lithography.

Enhancements to reticle positioning accuracy and air/thermal management provide unprecedented mix-and-match overlay (MMO) ≤ 2.5 nm in order to satisfy the most stringent immersion multiple patterning requirements. In addition, continuous scanner innovations enable ultra-high throughput of 250 wafers per hour (96 exposure shots/wafer) to optimize fab productivity and cost-efficiency.

The semiconductor industry is moving to development and high volume manufacturing of sub-10 nm generation process devices, with the most critical layers exposed using ArF immersion scanners and incorporating multiple patterning. In order to reduce costs for chipmakers, exceptional scanner overlay matching capabilities are vital to ensuring maximum yield and productivity. The S630D builds upon the well-known Streamlign Platform, incorporating further developments in overlay and lens technology to deliver exceptional mix-and-match overlay accuracy, as well as new features enabling world-class throughput. The NSR-S630D is the most advanced scanner for high volume immersion applications, and fully satisfies aggressive sub-10 nm multiple patterning requirements.

With an unstoppable commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable next-generation lithography, Nikon continues to introduce new scanners that satisfy device makers’ increasingly demanding performance and productivity requirements. “The NSR-S630D leverages proven immersion technology, incorporating key technological innovations to deliver overlay matching below 2.5 nm and throughput of more than 250 wafers per hour. These are all essential factors in enabling cost-effective multiple patterning at 10 nm and beyond for our customers,” stated Hamid Zarringhalam, Executive Vice President of Nikon Precision Inc.

About Nikon

Since 1980, Nikon Corporation has been revolutionizing lithography with innovative products and technologies. The company is a worldwide leader in lithography equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing industry with more than 8,000 exposure systems installed worldwide. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class photolithography systems serving the semiconductor industry. Nikon Precision Inc. provides service, training, applications and technical support, as well as sales and marketing for Nikon lithography equipment in North America. For more information about Nikon, access our website.

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