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ISPBC Showcases its XTIO2 Nanocoating Technology-Based GLOBAL Travel Facemask

International Self-Powered Building Council (ISPBC) showcased its world-exclusive self-cleaning XTIO2 GLOBAL Travel Facemask for travelers with the world’s highest protection: 100%, proven by SGS U.S. Laboratories.

The revolutionary XTIO2 GLOBAL Travel Facemask is GREEN and the only product of its kind designed specifically to provide travelers the best sustainable personal protection. It’s based on XTIO2 Inc.’s new generation of world-exclusive nanocoating technology utilizing sunlight/indoor light to activate TIO2-particles to break down germs and air pollution (VOCs) into water and nano-amounts of CO2. The proven self-cleaning function protects its users from cross-contamination, e.g. spreading germs from one surface to another by contact.

XTIO2 GLOBAL Facemask received record-setting orders with full capacity for 2014, a 400% growth from the previous year. Facemasks have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in Japan, Taiwan, China and other Asia regions where wearing a mask is a common practice.

Demand for the breathable and comfortable mask is expected to grow in 2015, driven by high flu rates this season. Pandemics are feared because the strains mutate fast (H3N2), spread from animals to people (H10N8), and develop ability to get transmitted from person-to-person (H7N9).

Threats including severe air pollution (haze PM2.5), norovirus, drug-resistant superbug infections such as MRSA, MERS, and tuberculosis have brought up awareness of critical need for personal protection by wearing a facemask in crowded public spaces and public transportation (train/bus/plane). When a sick person coughs/sneezes, germs spread into the air where they can float for several hours. People who breathe in the air containing the germs can become infected. The risk increases in pressurized and contained spaces (e.g. airplanes).

“Viruses thrive in high altitude and dry environments, affecting the body’s ability to fight infection. A study showed that when a plane was stuck on a tarmac for 3 hours, 72% of the passengers got flu from one sick person,” says Dr. Keri Peterson (Source:MSNBC).

For commercial and industrial pre-orders for 2014~2015 season, please contact:
Johanna Juntunen [email protected]
David Shaw [email protected]

Consumer masks can be ordered online from


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