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ProLynx Obtains US Patent 8,703,907 Covering Controlled Drug Release from Dendrimer Conjugates

ProLynx LLC, a biotechnology company focused on development of disruptive drug delivery systems for half-life extension of injectable drugs today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,703,907 covering controlled release of drugs from dendrimer conjugates over prolonged periods.

The recently issued patent is the second US patent issued to ProLynx. The patent focuses on drugs covalently coupled via ProLynx's patented beta-eliminative linkers to multiple sites on a dendrimer. A dendrimer is a synthetic polymer characterized by repeated chain branching emanating from a central core, giving rise to a large number of chain endings available for drug attachment. The patent is part of an intellectual property portfolio that includes 12 US patent applications and corresponding international applications.

"Dendrimers offer a potential improvement over standard PEGylation approaches, as they can carry a much higher drug payload," said co-founder and chief scientific officer Gary Ashley, Ph.D. "Together with our linkers, they offer slow release of a large amount of drug."

About ProLynx LLC

ProLynx LLC is a privately held biotechnology company developing proprietary drug delivery systems (DDS) for half-life extension of proteins, peptides and small molecules. The company is seeking to apply its DDS to extend half-lives of drugs and drug candidates of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. ProLynx is also seeking to out-license the long lasting drug conjugates in its pre-clinical product portfolio. The company is located in San Francisco, CA. Further information about the company and its capabilities may be found online at


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