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NanoSafe Adds Labconco Protector Glove Box to Tested Registry

NanoSafe, Inc. announces the addition of the Labconco Protector® Glove Box to its NanoSafe Tested™ registry.

The NanoSafe Tested™ registry and summary reports for all products listed on it can be viewed freely at The unit is the second Labconco product to be registered with NanoSafe, Inc., and is currently the first and only glove box to receive the NanoSafe Tested™ designation. Testing of the unit was completed as part of NanoSafe, Inc.’s Commonwealth Research and Commercialization Fund (CRCF) award from Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology – CIT.

NanoSafe evaluated the containment of aerosolized nanoparticles by a Labconco Protector® Stainless Steel ULPA Filtered Glove Box. Testing was adapted from ASHRAE 110-1995, and involved traverse-testing of the glove box window, ULPA exhaust, valves, and transfer chamber doors during aerosolization of silicon dioxide nanoparticles with a geometric mean diameter of 26 nm. NanoSafe’s testing procedure provides a useful measure of an enclosure’s ability to contain aerosolized nanomaterials. Comparing measurements of the glove box interior and exterior (window, joints, valves, ULPA exhaust), containment of aerosolized nanoparticles was greater than 99.99% on a particle number basis.

Adam Keithley, Marketing Manager for Labconco, commented on the importance of testing laboratory safety products with engineered nanomaterials: "Labconco has always been committed to laboratory safety and we continue to feel that in the absence of existing regulations, especially where nanomaterial containment is concerned, it is extremely important to proactively subject our products to independent validation. NanoSafe's program provides the expertise, knowledge and state-of-the-art testing necessary to validate the containment of nanoparticles in our enclosures. We believe that carrying their "NanoSafe Tested" designation is key in providing nanoparticulate containment assurance to the users of our Protector ULPA Filtered Glove Box."

“Labconco has established itself as a leader in providing engineering controls that serve nanotechnology-enabled industries and research laboratories,” commented NanoSafe President, Matthew Hull. “NanoSafe is pleased to have the opportunity to once again provide Labconco with third-party testing that helps demonstrate the performance of their containment devices against a nanoaerosol challenge.”


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