Nanolab Installs New Defect Detection Tools

Nanolab Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based analytical services lab, has purchased and installed new defect detection tools to its 48,000 square foot advanced laboratory, its fourth announced capacity expansion this year.

Nanolab recently added the following equipment:

  • FEI Helios 460HP DualBeam FIB-SEM
  • FEI Helios 450HP DualBeam FIB-SEM
  • Magellan XHR SEM

The Helios series is the most advanced DualBeam platform for imaging, analysis, and TEM sample preparation in semiconductor failure analysis, process development and process control.

FIB-SEM characterization of defects gives critical root cause analysis in the shortest time possible and uses a beam of Ga+ ion to mill into the surface to locate a feature or defect of interest. The integrated SEM then uses a focused beam of electrons to image the sample in the chamber.

The world's first extreme high-resolution (XHR) SEM, the FEI Magellan™ 400L system, delivers surface-sensitive imaging performance at sub-nanometer resolution without compromising the analytical capabilities, sample flexibility or ease of use of a traditional analytical SEM. The Magellan is configured with a 30KV Bright Field, Dark Field and High Angle Dark Field STEM, a DBS detector with Superior Filtered Backscatter Imaging.

Earlier this year Nanolab announced expansions in:

  • Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) to detect fractions in the range of parts per billion to determine the elemental composition and levels of trace impurities and dopants in solid materials.
  • Profilometry equipment used for inspection, surface measurement and imaging of substrates.
  • New nanoprobing and thermography-based electrical fault isolation tools to boost its failure analysis capabilities.
  • A continuous business model of operations and a seven-day workweek.

About Nanolab Technologies
Nanolab Technologies provides knowledge-based analytical services for advanced microscopy, chemical analysis, electrical failure analysis, materials analysis, FIB circuit edit, and defect analysis to the semiconductor, solar, MEMS, LED, medical device and other high technologies industries. A private, employee-owned company, Nanolab Technologies designed and occupies a 48,000 square foot, advanced laboratory in Silicon Valley to maximize the performance of leading-edge Extreme High Spatial Resolution instruments to meet the requirements of current and future technology nodes. A second facility is located at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) at the University of Albany.


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