Gen9 Announces Commercial Launch of GeneByte Plus DNA Constructs

Gen9, Inc., the pioneer in the development of scalable technologies for synthesizing and assembling DNA, today announced the commercial launch of GeneByte Plus™ DNA constructs, synthesized at lengths ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 base pairs.

This new capacity extends the company’s product portfolio, which also includes synthesized DNA below 3,000 base pairs in length.

Just as chemical engineering transformed 20th century manufacturing with cutting-edge building blocks that led to important new materials such as nylon and plastic, engineered DNA will provide the next-generation building blocks needed for environmentally responsible, efficient manufacturing in the 21st century. High-accuracy constructs in the multi-kilobase range will enable scientists in biology and other industrial fields to study the behavior of full genes, metabolic pathways, distant genetic elements, genomes, and other aspects of DNA that cannot currently be interrogated with shorter synthetic DNA fragments.

“With GeneByte Plus DNA constructs, we are now producing and shipping clonal, sequence-perfect constructs up to 10 Kb in length from our facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have the capacity in-house to meet the rapidly increasing global demand for DNA,” said Kevin Munnelly, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gen9. “Our high-throughput, chip-based manufacturing process is already facilitating the expansion of synthetic biology to many customers in industries that couldn’t previously use it due to cost and limited in-house molecular biology expertise.”

Gen9 is the first next-generation gene synthesis company producing synthetic DNA constructs used in numerous applications, including antibody, peptide, and enzyme engineering; gene and pathway construction; and genome assembly. In addition to GeneByte Plus, Gen9 is currently manufacturing and shipping double-stranded GeneBit™ and GeneByte™ DNA constructs, or gene fragments from 500 to 3,000 base pairs long. The company’s innovative BioFab® platform has the capacity to generate tens of thousands of synthetic constructs per year in just a few square feet of laboratory space. All of Gen9’s products are sequence verified and sent in clonal form, either in a vector or as linear DNA.


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