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Silicene Labs Builds 2D Materials Briefing Book

Silicene Labs, LLC, a pioneer in business-related research on nanomaterials, has created the definitive guide on two-dimensional (2D) materials for business, technology, and investment professionals -- the 2D Materials Briefing Book™.

2D Materials, such as Graphene, Silicene, and Germanene, have created enormous excitement in labs and corporate boardrooms over the past decade. The potential for 2D materials to disrupt the status quo via applications such as transistors and consumer devices cannot be overstated, and that's largely due to their amazing properties. For example, Graphene is 200x stronger than steel, but far lighter, and it's almost entirely transparent, yet flexible.

According to Jed Ferdinand, co-founder of Silicene Labs, "We painstakingly built the 2D Materials Briefing Book™ to provide business leaders with a visual framework for assessing the technological and financial implications of the 2D materials revolution."

A core graphic within the 2D Materials Briefing Book is the Silicene Labs 2D Materials Road-Heat Map™, which presents readers with a '30,000 foot' perspective of the 10 most promising applications for these nanomaterials, and the impact those applications will have on 30 major industries.

The Briefing Book also includes Silicene Labs' proprietary, patent-pending indices and survey data taken from a panel of 18 renowned experts in the field on five (5) 2D materials, namely: Graphene; Silicene; Phosphorene; Germanene; and Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2).

The report also depicts our revolutionary Pyramid Waves™ graphic, against which the current progress of each of these five materials is plotted vis-à-vis a realistic timeline, and relative to each other. Silicene Labs created the Pyramid Waves™ model to serve as a new paradigm, which is architected to provide optimal context at the '20,000 foot' level for business leaders.

The 2D Materials Briefing Book™ contains 82-pages of stunning graphics, proprietary indices on five, key, nanomaterials, and actionable insights, throughout -- all of which are packaged in a gorgeous tapestry of style and color.

The 2D Materials Briefing Book™ was priced for widespread, global access, and can be purchased on for $ 699 USD. You can learn more by watching our introductory video and visiting our web site at

About Silicene Labs

Silicene Labs is boutique nanotechnology research and advisory company that includes among its founders one of the world's foremost 2-D Materials scientists. The company is comprised of professionals with reputations for excellence in fields as diverse as nanomaterials, product development, graphic design, investment analysis and intellectual property law and licensing. Our principal mission is to become the definitive research source for 2D materials. To achieve that goal, Silicene Labs has created and published some of the world's most insightful roadmaps and prescient research available. We also publish and update the patent-pending 2D Materials Composite Index™ -- a benchmark metric that's been designed to help scientists and business leaders keep their finger on the pulse of the current progress being made by 2D materials in the labs and corporate boardrooms.


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