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New, High-Tech Dental Microscope at Advance Dental

Granger dentist Dr. Ronald Stangebye of Advance Dental announces the addition of a new, high-tech dental microscope. He says that the advanced technology incorporated into the microscope improves the dentist's ability to complete successful restoration work.

According to Dr. Stangebye, the microscope is especially helpful when conducting root canals. He adds that while dental microscopy is new in Michiana, he has already helped several patients with the new microscope.

Granger dentist Dr. Ronald Stangebye says that he is now using a dental microscope during dental restorations, including root canals. "Dental microscopy really improves our ability to perform restorations with precision. A root canal involves working deep within a patient's tooth, and we want to make sure we remove all infected tissue and cavity before we seal the canal. A microscope makes this easier," he said. The dentist adds that the microscope often allows him to work more swiftly, creating a better overall patient experience.

Dr. Stangebye notes that there are several other ways in which dental microscopy has improved patient outcomes for a number of different conditions. For example, he says that the microscope also helps him get a more detailed view of root fractures, which are otherwise much more difficult to spot and fully diagnose. Being able to get a closer, clearer, brighter view of any dental problem enables the dentist to apply more precise treatment to damaged tissues and bone while leaving healthy tooth and gums untouched, he explains.

While dental microscopy aids in early detection and improves precision in restorative dental care, it also helps the dentist, adds Dr. Stangebye. He explains that instead of crouching down over patients during the evaluation stages of a root canal, the dental microscope enables him to sit straight up with his back and neck in a neutral position. He says this prevents him from becoming distracted by back or neck cramps while he works. He also says that the microscope provides optimal illumination of the dental area, which reduces eye strain so that he can fully focus on caring for his patients instead of being distracted by any kind of occupational discomfort.

Dr. Stangebye says that the new microscope is also comfortable for the patients during appointments. "I can see and work on their teeth and gums so much better without bending right down over them, and they can simply relax while I work. This microscope improves root canals and other treatment for everyone involved."

Advance Dental in Granger serves the Michiana area with high-tech dental services for the entire family. They use digital radiography, dental microscopy, and sedation dentistry.

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