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CEATEC JAPAN 2014: Nissan Chemical Industries to Display Nanoparticle-Based Functional Materials for Touch Panels

At CEATEC JAPAN 2014, Nissan Chemical Industries (headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Kojiro Kinoshita) will display products being developed for touch panels for smart phones and tablet PCs, using a functional coating material named “HYPERTECH” that contains multi-branched organic nanoparticles (a “hyper-branched polymer”) that they independently developed.

Image of a Complex of a Hyper-Branched Polymer and Pd Nanoparticles (Graphic: Business Wire)

Booth: 5K69

Major Exhibited Items:

  1. Nucleating Agent For Light-Sensitive Electroless Plating
    A nucleating agent for light-sensitive electroless plating that contains a complex of a hyper-branched polymer with ammonium terminal groups and metal Pd nanoparticles. By coating this nucleating agent on various substrates such as glass or PET film, then performing lithography, and finally immersing in an electroless plating solution, it is possible to create a mesh, such as, of Cu or Ni with a linewidth of several micrometers.
  2. UV-Cured Coating Material With An Ultra-High Refractive Index
    A UV-cured coating liquid with a refractive index as large as 1.79 (at 550 nm) that is formed only of organic materials. By coating this on a touch panel film electrode such as ITO (indium tin oxide) or SNW (silver nanowire) it is possible to prevent the electrode pattern from being noticeable. An alkaline-developable grade that can be used to hem wiring has newly been developed.
  3. UV-Cured Hard-Coating Material That Is Resistant To Fingerprints
    A UV-cured hard-coating liquid that can make a touch panel protective film or a cabinet decoration film resistant to fingerprints and scratches. In addition to high surface smoothness, it also is resistant to chemicals and moist heat.

About Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.:
Since being founded in 1887 as the first Japanese chemical fertilizer manufacturer, Nissan Chemical Industries has continued to target new businesses by looking for revolutionary technologies. Currently, in the three business areas of functional materials (organic, inorganic, electronic), life sciences (agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals), and chemical products, the company offers global products and services, while improving the core technologies that it has historically developed in order to advance the creation of products that meet the needs of society.


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