Aehr Test Systems to Debut FOX-1P Single Wafer Test System at 2014 ITC

Aehr Test Systems, a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, today announced that it is introducing the FOX-1P system, its next generation single wafer test system for high volume production and early failure rate (EFR) test, at the 2014 International Test Conference (ITC) taking place October 21-23 in Seattle, Washington at the Washington State Convention Center (Booth #515).

Shown with Dual FOX-1P Systems, Dual SEMICS OPUS3 Probers and Dual FOUP Loader

The FOX-1P system can be configured with over 16,000 "Universal Channels" and features a massively parallel test interface, which enables testing over a thousand die in a single touchdown.

The FOX-1P system is Aehr Test's second generation of the FOX-1 platform introduced in 2006. With up to 12,000 device power supplies (DPS), 3,500 signal channels (I/O), and electronics optimized for BIST/DFT testing, the FOX-1 system has proven to be a cost saving production solution for single touchdown 300mm full-wafer parallel test.

The FOX-1P system has expanded the capabilities of the FOX-1 system including adding Aehr Test's new "Universal Channel" architecture that allows any channel to be any function (I/O, DPS or Per-pin Precision Measurement Unit (PPMU)). This enhanced architecture now allows customers to perform per pin parametric testing, more extensive digital pattern test with deeper data stimulus / capture memory (32M per pin), and deeper scan (768M) optimized for BIST/DFT testing. Its zero footprint design reduces floor space requirements. The FOX-1P Test System is compatible with industry standard wafer probers and probe cards.

With the highest channel count available in the ATE industry, the flexibility of Aehr Test's new "Universal Channel" architecture, and the ability to perform both functional pattern verification and parametric testing at full-wafer parallel test, the FOX-1P system provides a highly differentiated solution from competitive alternatives for microcontroller test, flash wafer test, embedded memory or any wafer with long test times. These capabilities are particularly well suited for automotive applications where test and burn-in for early failure screening of devices is vital.

Gayn Erickson, President and CEO of Aehr Test Systems, commented, "We believe the FOX-1P system will provide more test resources than any other automated test equipment system on the market and ITC 2014 is the ideal forum to make this introduction. It's well established that ITC has long been the leading semiconductor test conference for customers worldwide that focus on key technologies and challenges in Design for Test (DFT), testability, and built-in self-test functions. Our new FOX-1P system is very well positioned to address the new challenges with lowering the cost of test using these DFT methodologies, and we believe the FOX-1P system will significantly expand our served available market in calendar 2015 and beyond."

Emerging Markets for FOX-1P System

Carl Buck, Vice-President of Marketing at Aehr Test Systems, noted, "One of the key emerging markets for the FOX-1P is BIST/DFT testing and extended early failure or "burn-in" testing of automotive devices such as microcontrollers, safety, and mission-critical components at the wafer level. Up to now, extended early failure or "burn-in" tests have been performed at the packaged part level, resulting in higher than acceptable failure rates. With the FOX-1P system's single touchdown full wafer test capability, this extended testing can be moved from packaged part to wafer level testing with test results that provide much higher package / device yields."

Another benefit of wafer level extended test is the ability to produce higher reliability "known good die" (KGD) for end applications, which require high reliability stacked-die or multi-chip module devices.

"The FOX-1P system joins the FOX-1 system as being the leading test systems on the market capable of testing over a thousand logic die in a single touchdown. Competitive products cannot deliver the power, number of tester resources, or handle the full wafer probe cards necessary for this application", added Buck.

Aehr Test estimates that the market for test systems with this capability will add more than $50 million annually to its served available market beginning in calendar 2015.


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