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BIONOVA Offers Treatment for Blemish Control

Blemish skin is a common problem often confused with Acne. The cause of skin blemishes is the local imbalance of skin metabolism while Acne is a skin decease caused by hormonal imbalances, overactive sebum production (skin oil) and the existence of a specific bacterial flora. If Acne skin is always Oily, Blemish skin can be Normal, Oily and Dry type.

Blemish skin, regardless the skin type, cannot be treated with the substances that dry up the superficial layer of the skin. Any exfoliation has a rebound effect making the skin condition worse in a long run and causing skin discoloration and premature aging. The winter season is especially damaging to the dry blemish skin: weakens skin barrier function, and triggers blemish formation.

BIONOVA's Approach

BIONOVA's proprietary technologies allow mimicking the ingredients produced in a human body in the same quantities, ratio and order. We call them Hyper-Natural™. BIONOVA creams provide the skin cells with missing or depleted for different reasons Hyper-Natural™ ingredients. As a result, the cell restores and starts functioning in a full capacity. This Hyper-Natural™ approach is efficient method to normalize skin function. It allows activating the Body's internal Self-Healing processes that lead to flawless, healthy and beautiful skin. To obtain optimal biological effects, BIONOVA uses from 150 to 300 Hyper-Natural™ ingredients in each skin care product, depending on a particular Skin Problem & Biological Activity.

BIONOVA's Solution

The brand offers Blemish Control Treatment for all three skin types and has a dual effect:

  1. clears the skin from blemishes and evens the skin tone
  2. enhances the skin barrier system

After no blemish remains, BIONOVA recommends using either Anti-Stress or Anti-Aging product (depending on priorities) specific to the skin type. In order to obtain the blemish free skin, BIONOVA created the following regimen steps that work together and enhance the efficacy of Blemish/Pimple Treatment.

Step 1: Cleanser (twice a day)
Step 2: Activator (twice a day)
Step 3: Mask (once a week)
Step 4: Treatment Product (twice a day)
Step 5: Massage Cream (once a week for Normal & Dry Skin only)

BIONOVA offers Healthy and Beautiful skin to everyone!


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