N1 Technologies Seeks Patent for Velocitron Engine

The directors and management of N1 Technologies Inc. have filed a Patent for the Velocitron Engine. A revolutionary new electric generator concept for small (1-4) cylinder gas engines. The Velocitron Engine is a Vertical Reciprocal Electric Generator, that is integral to the engine and produces copious amounts of D.C. power without the need for a separately attached generator. N1 Technologies Inc. is developing a new Lithium Tungsten Battery called the NanoBolt Battery (http://NanoBoltBattery.com).

The company envisages future hybrid vehicles using the Velocitron Engine concept and the NanoBolt Battery in conjunction to advance the state of the art of hybrid technology. The Velocitron Engine eliminates the heavy and costly electric generator attached to the rear of the onboard gas engine. The Velocitron Engine is built into the internal combustion engine and generates D.C. power without the need for an external bulky generator system. "The Velocitron Engine is our greatest technical achievement to date. We are excited by the many future possibilities this advanced system can provide. This has raised the bar of innovation inside our company and put us on a higher path toward greater potential," says CEO Steve Lovern. To learn more about this amazing new technology visit: http://www.VelocitronEngine.com and watch this Video Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMHJzNYkWbo.

N1 Technologies Inc. is a Global leader in Nanotechnology Research and Development. The company innovates, manufactures and markets a wide range of Nano Engineered advanced products. N1 Technologies Inc. has a number of new and revolutionary Nano Engineered products currently in its development pipeline. Additional information regarding the company and its diverse product line will be forthcoming in the near future.

Source: http://www.n1technologies.com/

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