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Digital Trade’s GoGoNano Offers Innovative Nanotechnology Surface Protection Products

Digital Trade Solutions Ltd., an Estonia-based company, is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand GoGoNano (TM). GoGoNano offers innovative nanotechnology products that protect a variety of surfaces from dirt, dust and scratches.

As the company CEO noted, GoGoNano currently offers three products: a liquid screen protector called Clean & Coat; GoGoNano Dryve, which acts like an invisible shield on car body coating, and a superhydrophobic spray called GoGoNano Always Dry which is ideal for textile and leather surfaces.

GoGoNano stands apart from the competition in many ways, noted the CEO. For example, the products feature the latest technology, which allows them to work deep inside surfaces. They also provide exceptionally strong protection against scratches, dust, and other contaminants. The nano coating products are also affordable—costing less than a dinner at a restaurant.

"Not only that, all our products are 100% green, easy to use, and they last up to two years," the CEO said. Also, because they protect surfaces from grime and scratches, the products not only save people time and money, but also makes their items look new with an amazing shine and gloss.

Even though GoGoNano launched a short time ago, the Clean & Coat liquid screen protector is already selling briskly with customers. From computers and cameras to glasses, tablets and more, the product makes the devices 10 times more scratch-resistant and provides a special anti-bacterial feature.

Always Dry is also creating a buzz with customers, who are eager to use it on textiles, leather, carpets, bags, wallets and shoes. Dryve is also already a big seller with customers who want to maintain the showroom finish of their vehicle.


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