Primoceler Brings Expertise to Micro-Optics, Microfluidics Markets Through Privanet’s VC Investment

Microfabrication leader Primoceler ( is preparing for a surge in production volume, all thanks to a venture capital (VC) investment from Privanet (, An online marketplace for unlisted securities. That surge will come as the company brings its expertise to the micro-optics and microfluidics markets, where manufacturing volume is much larger than the medical and aerospace industries – areas Primoceler had previously focused.

Microfluidics is one of the industries of the future.

"We seek companies with a competitive technological edge," says Roy Harju, Head of the Board at Privanet. "The Primoceler team convinced us the company will quickly gain a strong foothold on the global markets. The company's growth strategy also complements our investment strategy. We always invest with our clients, making sure there is a proper aftermarket for the target company's shares on the Privanet marketplace."

"We are happy to have Privanet on board to help us grow and diversify," explains Ville Hevonkorpi, general manager at Primoceler. "Microfluidics and micro-optics are emerging as industries of the future, with enormous and varied practical applications. We're leveraging our success in aerospace and medical technology to expand into these new fields."

Microfluidics brings together knowledge and tools from a host of technical disciplines, including biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, physics and chemistry. Until recently, adhesives have been the limiting factor on innovation within microfluidics. Even the most advanced glues can mix with the liquid media, which can alter test results and fluid behavior. Gap control is also less than optimal with adhesives. Primoceler deftly solves the adhesive problem with its laser bonding technology. The technology provides bonding strength of 20 Mpa and perfect gap control.

Primoceler's expertise in micro-optics is already firmly established. As with microfluidics, the company's laser bonding process is vital in the production of increasingly smaller cameras. Design tolerances on these micro technologies are exacting, and traditional welds and adhesives simply cannot meet those tolerances. At the same time, the demand for smaller yet more powerful camera packages continues to rise. Applications from smartphones and 3D sensors to self-driving cars all require precision optics in tiny form factors. With Primoceler, that technical hurdle has been cleared.

Because volumes are higher in micro-optics and microfluidics, more capital is necessary to make inroads. That's where Privanet comes in. Its VC investment will give Primoceler the needed head start to become a global leader in these high-tech fields.

The mission of Privanet is to empower and energize small and mid-sized businesses as part of encouraging entrepreneurialism on a global scale. Helping private companies go public is part of the company's broad strategy. Primoceler is pleased to share in this mission.


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