Technology Companies Join Forces for TEM Imaging and Analysis

Those working with nanomaterials now have an integrated approach to the imaging and analysis process thanks to a new partnership between nanomaterial software company, FullScaleNANO, and SCIENION AG, a leading solution provider for precision dispensing.

Through purchase or lease of SCIENION’s sciTEM – a handling system specifically designed for dispensing multiple samples onto TEM grids – customers also will receive a one-year subscription to FullScaleNANO’s  analysis software, NanoMet. NanoMet, is an automatic and connected software program designed for automated image analysis and report generation.

From scientists to manufacturers, the partnership between these two companies will benefit all nano-industry professionals with a streamlined process featuring batch uploading, high throughput, automation and full reporting – a practice that is new and innovative for the entire industry.

This partnership will greatly assist the evolution of TEM with widely applied capabilities and accessibility. We know our customers will see the benefit of the NanoMet subscription as there is no current way to image and analyze materials in the same process.

Holger Eickhoff, CEO, SCIENION

FullScaleNANO and SCIENION intend to streamline the time-consuming, inefficient and costly current process. Users will be able to report on dozens of samples in the same amount of time it would normally take for one, saving the entire industry and its professionals valuable time and money.

The idea behind partnering with SCIENION is to set new industry standards with an innovative and integrated tool. sciTEM’s complex capabilities alongside NanoMet’s simplified analysis software is the ideal combination to provide hyper-active reporting,

Jodi Chase, CEO, FullScaleNANO

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