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Mahr Inc. to Feature New MarSurf Series at IMTS

Mahr Inc., a leading provider of dimensional metrology solutions, introduces the first in new a line of surface finish and contour measurement systems, the MarSurf contour drive (CD) series. The MarSurf CD series takes contour measurement to never before seen levels of speed, flexibility and precision, allowing users to improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces with faster throughput, higher accuracy and flexibility for a broader range of workpieces. The MarSurf CD allows for the measurement of the shape of a surface, often referred to as the contour or form, and provides dimensional information such as angles, depths, distances and radius.

The ground-breaking designs of the new MarSurf series significantly increases the speed of all moving axes to reduce the cycle time of the measurement process, allowing more throughput. The drive units of the MarSurf CD series move the contour probe with positioning speeds of up to 200 mm/s, making the systems up to 25 times faster than predecessors. All Z-axis columns on the measuring stands of the MarSurf CD series are fully CNC-capable with fast positioning speeds of 50 mm/s, which is twice as fast as previous systems and five times faster than others on the market. The high dynamic response of the probe system also allows for significantly higher measuring speeds with newly-designed probe arms.

The probes mount quickly and easily on these systems as well, thanks to an innovative magnetic click-into-place mounting system and confirmation of the correct probe arm configuration is ensured due to an integrated chip that carries the probe arm data. Probe arms can be changed in a matter of seconds with no recalibration required, due to the precise positioning achieved by the kinematic mount of the magnetic click-into-place system. Three different standard-length probe arms allow vertical measuring ranges of 35, 70 and 100 mm to ensure enough vertical range to measure virtually any surface. In addition, with a diamond tipped probe arm and a software option for surface roughness evaluation, surface texture parameters can also be measured.

Furthermore, the MarSurf CD series includes an innovative workpiece mounting plate using a grid pattern of holes spaced at 50 mm intervals, bringing industry-standard ease of use features to a new platform to provide added flexibility and speed for setting up workpiece fixtures. An extensive array of fixture types is available to hold any imaginable workpiece. The large size of the 390 mm x 430 mm mounting plate ensures space for large parts and eliminates the need for an additional XY positioning table.

“The MarSurf CD series sets a new standard in contour testing, providing our customers with the speed, accuracy and flexibility to measure more effectively and efficiently,” said Pat Nugent, Vice President of Product Management at Mahr. “The contour measurement system improves the manufacturing quality of workpieces in the measuring room or production environment, meeting the needs of the market today and in the future.”

Mahr will feature the MarSurf CD series in booth 135608 at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018.

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