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Nano Chemical Systems Hires Louis Petrucci as CEO

Nano Chemical Systems has announced the appointment of Louis Petrucci as Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Sales. Mr. Petrucci will be responsible for the Company's Nanotechnology product launch and marketing and sales to consumers through the Mass Retailer channel.

Mr. Petrucci brings a wealth of marketing and sales experience to the Company and has a proven track record of obtaining and increasing market share for consumer products with large retail customers that include Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Target, Lowe's, K-Mart, Ace Hardware, and TruServe.

Mr. Petrucci stated, "Mass Retailers such as The Home Depot are not ordinary customers. They are so large that they are each separate markets in and of themselves. For a product to be successful at retail the product must be wrapped in a sales proposition that is often as innovative as the product itself and this sales proposition must be customized to the retailer's own unique delivery system and specifically tailored to address the demographic profile of the retailer's customer."

Mr. Petrucci spent ten years with Black & Decker where he took on increased levels of responsibility that lead to a position as National Sales Manager and $113 million in sales with a 32 person organization. Most recently, he held Vice President and other executive sales positions with several companies and over the last six years was tasked exclusively with responsibility for The Home Depot. He acquired intimate knowledge of the workings of The Home Depot corporate at multiple levels and in many distribution regions. Mr. Petrucci successfully launched new products that gained acceptance, market share and sell-through by honing and applying this gained knowledge base into The Home Depot specific sales propositions.

Dr. Mathew Zuckerman, President and CEO of Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, stated, "Mr. Petrucci shares my enthusiasm for offering Nanotechnology products to feed what we believe is a pent-up consumer demand, coupled with the unbeatable two pronged approach of world class technology synthesized by our Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Perumal Sekar and highly efficient low cost manufacturing at our Sea Spray production facility." Dr. Zuckerman went on to say that, "Dr. Sekar has graduate degrees in Nanotechnology from Universities on three continents."

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc. has a wholly owned subsidiary, Sea Spray Aerosol, Inc. that produces aerosol products for its own formulas and does private labeling for various customers. Sea Spray operates out of a 36,000 square foot facility that contains offices, research, warehouse and manufacturing operations. The Company is also engaged in enhancing the effectiveness of its product line using nanotechnology where applicable.

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