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Bioelectricity Generation Enhanced by Using Various Nanomaterials

Biophotovoltaics and microbial fuel cells signify promising technologies for green bioelectricity generation. However, these devices experience low efficiency and durability that arise from their dependence on living organisms to serve as catalysts. Such issues can be overcome with augmented capabilities facilitated by nanotechnology.

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The article provides an overview of the various nanomaterials used to improve bioelectricity generation through optimized light harvesting, anode performance, and extracellular electron transfer. The addition of nanomaterials in whole-cell energy devices could lead to the development of bioelectrical devices that are appropriate for industry.

Mohammed Mouhib and co-authors published their research paper titled “Enhancing bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cells and biophotovoltaics using nanomaterials” in the journal NanoResearch.


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