Agilent Technologies’ New High-Performance Beamsplitters Deliver Precision Beam Control for Demanding Optical Applications

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced that its new family of high-performance thin-film beamsplitters designed to provide precision beam control is now available. Agilent offers polarizing, non-polarizing and wavelength beamsplitters in multiple geometries to fit a wide variety of application requirements. The new Agilent beamsplitters address the need for highly accurate beam control in the aerospace/defense, vision systems, nanotechnology measurement, homeland security and biotech instrumentation markets.

All Agilent beamsplitters offer near-distortionless beam splitting with the option for parallel or orthogonal output. They provide exceptional eighth-wave to tenth-wave TWD in both output beams. Agilent’s displacement beamsplitters accurately split an input beam into two or more displaced output beams with industry-leading parallelism, accurate to 25 arcseconds. The company’s cube beamsplitters are designed to accurately separate an input beam into two beams exiting at a 90-degree angle to each other. And, Agilent’s plate beamsplitters offer compact size and low thermal mass with lower wavefront distortion and arcsecond wedge tolerance that ensures a precise 90-degree separation between the output beams. In addition, Agilent’s polarization beamsplitters offer unique performance with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio in both transmitted and reflected beams.

“Beamsplitters are at the heart of many optical systems because their performance can drive the overall performance of the optical engine,” said Vince Barich, operations and marketing manager for Agilent’s precision optics group. “Our proprietary design and manufacturing processes allow Agilent to cost-effectively produce high-performance beamsplitters. Symmetrical performance and tight geometric tolerances allow very precise beam positioning and simplify the alignment of the core optic.”

For more than 35 years, Agilent has developed and manufactured optical components, monolithic assemblies and complex optomechanical assemblies for market-leading laser interferometry and nanomeasurement systems. Agilent combines experienced craftsmanship with deterministic manufacturing process control for volume production. The company now serves aerospace/defense and commercial markets with cutting-edge metrology and design, plus fabrication and thin-film coatings in a vertically integrated factory.

Agilent will showcase the beamsplitter family at the SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, April 10 - 12, 2007, in Orlando, Fla. Customers and the press are invited to visit Agilent in Booth # 1226 at any time during the show.

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