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Air Purification Devices Distributed by UK Company, KSG Health, are Proven to be 99.999% Effective Against COVID

KSG Health, a UK importer and distributor of Genano air purification units, are delighted to share the fact that the systems have been independently proven to be 99.999% effective against viruses, including Coronavirus.

A ground-breaking study was carried out in Finland by Testing & Research Centre, VTT and the impressive findings mean the innovative Genano technology truly is a real and immediate solution to ensuring safe indoor spaces.

The KSG-supplied systems could prove to be a real game-changer when it comes to controlling hospital infections, getting employees back to work safely and protecting the general public when in restaurants, shops and other venues.

During the testing period, researchers placed a bioaerosol containing four common indoor bacteria and two viruses (one of which was a Coronavirus surrogate, being similar in nature and behaviour) into a 30m² test room. Tests were conducted with several variations in bioaerosol mix, but the results were the same in every case - Genano’s air purification equipment removed almost 90% of the virus in just 15 minutes and eliminated a staggering 99.999% within 2 hours. 

Whilst recent news of vaccines gave us all hope, the logistics of roll-out means there will be a significant delay in achieving safe levels of population immunity and we face many more months of living with Coronavirus.

The proven effectiveness of the Genano units means that there is an available, ready-to-go way to eliminate indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19 in the meantime.

Clean and safe air for everyone

The technology may originally have been developed for use in hospitals, but the benefit of air purification is relevant to most public or commercial indoor spaces, regardless of whether contamination is viral, bacterial or chemical in nature.

KSG Health have already assisted one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies who were concerned about increasing staff absence related to poor quality office air within their fourstorey HQ.

The company had trialled many systems to reduce problematic airborne pollutants (including harmful Volatile Organic Compounds which had increased thanks to new COVID deep-cleaning protocols) but the Genano air purifiers were the most effective by far. The units were also low maintenance, cost-effective and easy to install so KSG Health has subsequently been asked to install the technology across the entire company estate.

KSG Health are ready to help

KSG Health hope that the results of the study will give their clients even more confidence of being ‘COVID-secure’.

As Jarmo Kesanto, Co-Founder and Co-Director explains:

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“We are absolutely delighted with the results of this study. Our technology has already been proven in many settings, but to get independent verification that it will kill 99.999% of viruses is so important at this most challenging of times.

It reinforces the fact that we have a real and immediate solution to those in healthcare, retail, hospitality and in offices who want to operate safely and with confidence. To play our part in making this happen is an honour and privilege. “


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