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Nano Chemical Systems Dvelop Nanotechnology That Will Increase the Shelf Life of Soy Bean Biofuels

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings, Inc, announced its launching of a new initiative which will marry two proprietary technologies of the Company to extend the shelf life of soybean biofuel feed stocks incrementally for six months at a time. One technology is nano-encapsulation, which is the subject of a pending patent and the other technology is Intelligent Dust(TM), which was previously announced for the applications including mold control.

Demand for ethanol produced from corn and used as an oxygenation additive for gasoline has all but completely replaced the previous used toxic oxygenation additive but, at the same time, produced a sharp increase in the commodity price of corn. Oil from soybeans, that has a significantly higher yield per acre than corn, is a prime candidate feed stock to produce both ethanol and biodiesel. To date, the short shelf life of the soybean feed stock, measured in only days, makes it necessary to locate refining operation in close proximity to the growing fields and worse still is that refining capacity is often held idle until crops are harvested. Nanochem's two proprietary technologies working together allows soybean feed stock to be shipped, stored and cued-up to match soybean feed stocks to refining capacity.

With Nanochem's treatment of soybean feed stock it can potentially be stored up to six months with one treatment. Further, the Company believes, a second exposure of the soybeans to energize the Intelligent Dust(TM) ladened nano-encapsulation with light and should allow for continued storage of up to an additional six months at a time.

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