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Carbon Nanosphere Lubricant Drastically Improves Lubrication Properties of Motor Oil

CleanTechnology International Corp announces a major breakthrough in improving the lubrication properties and durability of auto motor oil. In May, the company will begin volume production in Houston, TX, of its solid Carbon NanoSphere Chains (CNSC). This new breakthrough material is showing potential for a wide range of applications, including composites, microcircuits, super-capacitors, coatings, armor, nanoskin, medicine and diesel/oil additive.

In early laboratory testing, it became obvious that solid carbon nanosphere chains were extremely strong and resilient, and could likely withstand extreme gas/diesel engine pressures. This new CNSC material was submitted for professional testing to the Fuels and Lubricant Research department of the prestigious Southwest Research Institute (, San Antonio, TX. SWRI performed a series of objective tests as to the lubrication properties of CleanTechnology International’s CNSC material.

An SEA grade of off-the-shelf motor oil was chosen, and three dilutions were then subjected to the ASTM lubricant testing. The results of a 1% dilution in motor oil were remarkable—a significant increase in lubricity.

The testing demonstrated another significant benefit in the use of CNSC as an oil additive. In extreme operating conditions, the metal parts of gasoline and diesel engines can actually weld themselves together, permanently scar and eventually completely seize-up due to cumulative wear and tear and failure of the lubrication material. In these tests the 1% solution ratio improved the Incipient Seizure Point by 13%, the Weld Point by 20%, and the Non-Seizure Load by 20%.

This data represents a breakthrough in the general field of petroleum additive materials. In the current oil/lubrication industry, there is nothing available that has any distinct advantage over any other refinery generated oil lubricant; they have basically plateaued as all use similar additives and detergents.

With the availability of high production volume solid Carbon NanoSphere Chains by CleanTechnology International Corp., there is the immediate potential to significantly improve the lubricity of motor oil and various other petroleum products. This breakthrough will be manifest in fewer oil changes, smoother running motors, increased engine life and improved mileage.

It is anticipated that subsequent testing of CNSC will demonstrate significant performance enhancements in other substances such as transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, and a new level of performance in extreme environmental conditions, such as in satellites and military equipment.

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