SMIC Expands Applications on Anchor's NanoScope Platform to 65nm Node

Anchor Semiconductor and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) have jointly announced the expanded applications and commitment of Anchor’s market-leading NanoScope Platform solutions in SMIC’s advanced manufacturing flows at 65nm node and beyond.

SMIC has been one of the many successful users of Anchor’s NanoScope products and is an early adopter of the updated NanoScope Platform at 130nm and 90nm nodes. The applications at SMIC include NanoScope-PRV™, an option for model-based, full chip post-RET/OPC verification, and other OPC and DFM related patterning applications. NanoScope has helped to shorten the time-to-better-yield at SMIC. With its strong business growth at advanced technology nodes, SMIC has doubled its NanoScope licenses for meeting its production needs.

With its unique pattern-centric architecture, NanoScope™ platform presents a major technology and industry breakthrough in speed and accuracy, using distributed computing on generic network computers. NanoScope-PRV™ leads the industry in simulation-based comprehensive inspection, analysis, and process-limiter pattern extraction. It ensures inspection accuracy with no compromise in performance for critical layer verification before mask making.

“Anchor’s NanoScope products have been in SMIC’s manufacturing flow beginning with process at 130nm then 90nm and now onto 65nm production. Anchor's software-based solution provides the best combination of accuracy, performance, reliability and ease of use, which allow us to quickly incorporate the tools in our production flow as we ramp up at multiple sites to accommodate increased customer designs. The Anchor team has been always responsive in supporting SMIC with new product features and enhancements,” stated Eric Guo, deputy director of Micro-patterning technology division and mask operation center at SMIC.

Dr. Chenmin Hu, President of Anchor Semiconductor, commented, “We are very pleased to see SMIC’s continued success at using Anchor’s NanoScope Platform to meet its ever increasing requirements for controlling layout-to-silicon patterning at advanced process nodes. Anchor appreciates SMIC’s technology partnership as well as a valued customer.” and

Posetd 15th May 2007

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